CHIÈVRES, Belgium -- Sgt. Jacobus Wood, assigned to the U.S. Army Garrison Benelux Military Police in Brussels, and Spc. Jesse Watkins, military policeman in Schinnen, will represent the garrison at the IMCOM-E Best Warrior competition in Baumholder, Germany. The competition will start in March 12.

Five soldiers participated in the USAG Benelux Best Warrior Competition held from Feb. 20 to Feb. 23, on Chièvres Air Base. Wood and Watkins scored the best results. The competition included a sequence of events such as Equipment Accountability and Layout, Physical Fitness Event, Situational
Training Exercises (STX), Water Survival, 12 Mile Ruck March or Stress Shoot.

For the NCO, Wood had the best overall score of all competitors. "The competition [in Germany] will be tougher. I will prepare by doing the same training that I did this for the garrison competition but also increasing the frequency of training," he said.

Watkins won this year's junior enlisted competition. Second place went to Spc. Jacqueline Delgado, a military policeman at Chièvres Air Base.

"The competition is very physically challenging and mentally challenging," Watkins said. "I didn't expect to come in first place. I had a lot of really good competition. It was a neck-and-neck the whole time, and I guess I pulled through stronger than most."