FORT HUACHUCA, Az. -- Engaging with colleges and their soon-to-be graduates has become a focal point of recruiting efforts for the U.S. Army Electronic Proving Ground, or EPG, as the school year draws to a close and graduation is set on the horizon.

Employees from EPG took part in a career fair hosted by the Arizona State University Fulton School of Engineering Feb. 21 and Feb. 22.

During the event, students were able to connect with various organizations that focused on their particular skill set. One of EPG's current interns, Ms. Kirsten Trotta, had the opportunity to be one of the employees that attended Thursday's event.

"It was great to talk to some students who were proud and passionate about their work," said Trotta. "It was even better to have the chance to explain some of what EPG does and what opportunities exist within our organization and then see them be excited about that as well."

Career fairs, such as the one at Arizona State University Fulton School of Engineering, supports EPG's effort towards recruiting college graduates in the fields of computer engineering, electronics engineering, computer science, and operation research. EPG's aim is to continue our engagement at several other colleges around the state of Arizona in order to continue reaching out to potential employees interested in pursuing a career with the federal government.