Lawrence "Larry" Tannenbaum, of the Environmental Health Sciences and Engineering Directorate of the Army Public Health Center, has published his second book. The book is titled "Ecological Risk Assessment: Innovative Field and Laboratory Studies," and is a follow-up to his first book, "Alternative Ecological Risk Assessment."Tannenbaum works in the Environmental Health Risk Assessment Division as a senior risk assessor. In this position, he is responsible for conducting risk assessments and writing reports; giving presentations; and organizing lab and field studies. He has worked with the organization for 23 years, previously working for the Environmental Protection Agency for a decade, doing the same work.The book contains 35 studies regarding ecological risk assessment studies, which Tannenbaum says, "could change the environmental risk assessment field." Each study includes the study's premise, background, guidelines and a summary of what the study might show. The book targets students seeking graduate or doctoral degrees. He believes that the book presents a new way of looking at things and that you need an open mind to read the book, saying the book, "brings something different to the table."Tannenbaum credits the training he received at the Army Public Health Center with giving him the inspiration to write this book. He remarked that the most enjoyable aspect of work at the APHC is the "opportunity to learn, get at the science I do and keep pace with where the science is."Jeff Leach, the chief of the Environmental Assessment Branch at APHC, praised Tannenbaum's work ethic."Over the years, Larry has secured funding for and carried out a multitude of studies investigating his ideas on ecological health risk assessment" said Leach. "Larry's work ethic and passion for advancing the state of the science are unparalleled. His books are a testament to this in that he devoted his own time and resources to writing them."Tannenbaum said his greatest professional achievement is writing his two books. As he looks towards the future, he considers retirement sometime soon, but even if he does, he will continue writing. He is also a senior editor of a peer review journal published by the Society of Environmental Toxicology called "Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management." Tannenbaum is a prolific writer, and has published nearly 40 articles in peer-reviewed literature.He has been married to his wife for 29 years, with whom he has two children, and eight grandchildren. When he is not pursuing his scientific interests, he enjoys playing the guitar and volunteering at his synagogue where he works on the board, the membership committee, hospitality committee and the newsletter.Editor's Note: The mention or depiction of a non-federal entity and/or it products in this article is not to be interpreted or construed, in any manner, as federal endorsement of that non-federal entity and/or its products.