CAMP BUEHRING, KUWAIT -- Soldiers from the 797th Ordinance Company and explosive ordnance disposal or EOD personal from other branches of the U.S. military held what could possibly be called one of the largest Code H demo ranges on February 7, 2018 at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. When ammunition is no longer serviceable for a number of different reasons, whether it's expired or doesn't pass inspection it is deemed Code H munitions. These products from bullets to bombs must be dealt with and destroyed. The 797th Ordinance Company took the lead in planning and managing a Code H range at Camp Buehring. This range was very special due to the historic amount of ordinance being decommissioned. Doing this helps clear warehouse floor space to bring in new and useable stock. "Over 15,000 pounds of Code H ordinance items and munitions which makes up 100 different types of rounds that we are getting rid of consisting of over 27,000 individual rounds, that we are blowing up," said 1st LT William Henderson 797th Ordinance Company platoon leader. "This is the biggest range we believe ever at Camp Buehring." From old mortars to tank rounds, each item must be handled with care and placed in a proper location. Before the blast can even take place, master badge EOD team members must work together to create a plan for the shot. It can be challenging because some rounds are less explosive then others. "In order to make sure everything goes away as planned we need to have a good set demo plan," said Sfc. Robert Brizzi, 797th Ordinance Company. "We need to have a good set demo plan on how everything is going to be arranged to make sure everything does go away." To pull this massive range off EOD members from the Air Force, Marines and Navy from the area of operation can in to assist. "We try to get together with our sister services as much as we can, because each branch does things a little different," said Brizzi. "It's good to pick up on what they do and learn from each other." "We reach out to all different kinds of units to help unload and set up," said Henderson. "We brief everyone on what they are handling so they can safely handle the munition from the truck to the shot hole." Most see the EOD teams in movies like "The Hurt Locker" and forget that is only one part of their mission. Taking out the ammunition trash shall we say is another iatrical part. "This training gets us back to our core, disposal of explosives and ordinance, the fun part of our job," said Brizzi. "This keeps us trained, active and proficient at our basic skills as EOD Techs.