Cadet Command announces 2017 MacArthur Award winners

By Mr. Michael Maddox (ROTC)February 23, 2018

Cadet Command announces 2017 MacArthur Award winners
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FORT KNOX, Kentucky (Feb. 7, 2018) -- The U.S. Army Cadet Command announced today the eight winners of the MacArthur Awards for the school year 2016-2017.

The award recognizes the eight schools, selected from among the 275 senior Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) units nationwide, as the top programs in the country.

The awards, presented by Cadet Command and the Gen. Douglas MacArthur Foundation, recognize the ideals of "duty, honor and country" as advocated by MacArthur.

The award is based on a combination of the achievement of the school's commissioning mission, its cadets' performance and standing on the command's National Order of Merit List and its cadet retention rate.

Cadet Command and the MacArthur Foundation have given the awards each year since 1989.

The FY17 awardees of the General Douglas MacArthur Award, selected by their brigade commanders as the top performing program, are:

• University of North Georgia, which represents Cadet Command's 1st Brigade.

• Pennsylvania State University, which represents 2nd Brigade.

• Minnesota State University - Mankato, which represents 3rd Brigade.

• Campbell University, which represents 4th Brigade (2nd year awarded).

• Brigham Young University, which represents 5th Brigade.

• Florida Southern College, which represents 6th Brigade.

• Ohio University, which represents 7th Brigade.

• University of Washington, which represents for 8th Brigade.