DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich. -- Like many freshmen starting their college careers with courses like Psychology 101, English 101, or History 101, U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command developed an introductory course for customers of our command called TACOM 101.

Last year TACOM Commanding General Maj. Gen. Clark LeMasters felt that TACOM 101 was not enough to train Army senior logisticians about the full scope of what TACOM's mission. So he ordered the development of TACOM 102, a three day course.

"It is an opportunity for support operations leaders and senior maintenance technicians to see behind the curtain of TACOM so they can understand the process" of how repair parts are requested and delivered to the field, LeMasters said.

The TACOM 102 course is coordinated by TACOM's Integrated Logistics Support Center. The course consists of informational briefs from TACOM ILSC, Program Executive Offices, and Defense Logistics Agency leaders. The course also includes a tour of the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center at the Detroit Arsenal.

Since June 2017 TACOM has held five sessions of the TACOM 102 course, with the most recent on Feb. 6-8, 2018. Frank Wilson, director of ILSC's Field Support Operations, kicked off the latest class and welcomed the students who came from across the United States to Michigan for the class.

Once TACOM 102 students were welcomed, ILSC Deputy Executive Director Col. Ed Burke gave an ILSC overview and explained what they will see during the three day course.

"My job is twofold," Burke stated. "One is to tell folks like you all the great things that TACOM really does and that we have the resources needed in the field. But even more importantly is to help my TACOM teammates understand what your work life is like and what kind of resources that you may need from us."

This course is designated for Army senior logisticians and senior maintenance officers who can take this information back to their organizations. This course provides details on the wholesale supply chain, how TACOM provides support to our Soldiers, and operationalizing readiness.

During the three day class, the course included subjects like: Readiness operation analysis division capabilities and reports; TACOM logistics assistance directorate; unit training assistance program; operationalizing the supply chain; wholesale supply management and unserviceable return rate; equipment turn-in disposition divestiture; technical manual update process; depot support to secondary items; and DLA and PEO overviews.

During the TARDEC tour, students had a hands-on tour including seeing the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment lab and while wearing 3-D glasses they were able to view future vehicles and components before they are built. Their TARDEC tour also included visiting the Prototype Integration Facility shop that provides the Army with the capability to reverse engineer components in the absence of technical development packages in support of the organic industrial base and depots.

The next TACOM 102 class held at the Detroit Arsenal for our senior logisticians and senior maintenance officers is scheduled for April 10, 2018.