Fort Huachuca, Arizona - While Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) screening is the responsibility of every service member with Family members requiring care above the level of a primary care provider, an overseas assignment requires all Family members to undergo both medical and educational EFMP Overseas Screenings.

EFMP screening ensures care needs are centrally identified and documented and can either rule out or confirm whether a Family member must enroll in the EFMP.

An overseas assignment to a dependent-authorized location, requires all Family members, even those not currently enrolled in the EFMP, to undergo the overseas screenings as part of the command sponsorship process.

The U.S. Army Office of the Surgeon General has expanded procedures for the EFMP Overseas Screenings. All school-aged children, including home-schooled students, must receive both EFMP medical and educational screenings. If a younger child is receiving Early Intervention Services, educational screening is also a requirement.

Educational screening is now mandated due to the emergence of recent trends of Families arriving OCONUS in need of previously unidentified special education services. To prevent that, Families and the servicing school district must also complete DD Form 2792-1, Special Education/Early Intervention Summary.

"We're asking all commanders, sergeants major and first sergeants to ask Soldiers and Families within 30 days of their arrival, if EFMP information or assistance is needed," said Audrey Peterson-Hosto, EFMP manager. "This is especially crucial for our Initial Entry Training and Military Occupational Specialty-Training student populations."

Want to PCS smoothly with your family to an overseas location? Connect with Army Community Service EFMP at 520.533.2330 or Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Center EFMP staff at 520.533.9035 for more information. EFMP OSS instructions are shared with all online levy briefing respondents and those Soldiers identified at the student levy briefing as traveling OCONUS on dependent-authorized tours.

Soldiers must initiate EFMP overseas screening within 30-days of assignment notification to avoid delays in the command sponsorship process.

"If EFMP screening is delayed, it may result in either a change of assignment location or an unaccompanied tour election if services are not available," Hosta said.