Lt. Col. Timothy Hughes, the Reserve Affairs Director for the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, was promoted to the rank of Colonel during a ceremony here, Thursday.

Brig. Gen. Martin F. Klein, the commanding general for the Deployment Support Command, presided over the ceremony and lauded Hughes on his efforts to strengthen the total force relationship SDDC has with their reserve component.

"Tim works hard to make sure we bring the Army Reserve and the active component together so that we can provide capabilities to the joint global distribution enterprise," said Klein.

Hughes serves as the principal Army Reserve Officer to SDDC and is responsible for providing timely and accurate perspectives on the policies, guidelines, and regulations related to the training and deployment of Army Reserve Soldiers.

He also provides liaison between the DSC and SDDC to facilitate the integration of aligned AR units and Soldiers in all aspects of training, readiness and operations in support of SDDC's global mission requirements.

When it came time for him to take the stage Hughes humbly thanked his wife LauRetha for all of her support, and assured senior leaders that he would be the best Colonel he could be.
"My wife should be the one getting promoted today, and I can't thank her enough for all that she does for me and our family," he said.

"And I will do my duty as a great O6 for this great Army," he added.

Klein took the time to reinforce why Hughes was the right man for the position.

"When you look at Tim's background, you can tell why he was picked for this job; he has served in almost every Army Reserve logistics organization, and he's the right man, at the right place, at the right time" he said.

He also thanked Hughes for all he does for the DSC and the total force initiative.

"On behalf of the 2,800 Soldiers with the DSC, I want to thank you for what you do for them, and for this close-knit total force integration relationship," said Klein.