SCHINNEN, The Netherlands -- One of the most important local events in the Dutch Southern Provinces is Carnaval. During the event, people wear costumes and masks as they eat, drink and enjoy the festivities. In the Tri-Border community, the celebration commenced Feb. 7 as Chet Witkowski, deputy garrison manager for U.S. Army Garrison Benelux in Schinnen, received the Schinnen Municipality Medal from Leon Frissen, Schinnen mayor, at the annual Carnaval reception. Two days later, the Tri-Border community celebrated Carnaval at the Pin Point Café and Bowling Center in Schinnen. During the event, community members of all ages came together and watched as the prince and princess were named and given a special key, signifying that they ruled the garrison for the remainder of the afternoon. The festive event brought the multicultural community together as they enjoyed this European tradition.