JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas (Feb. 15, 2018) -- The Mission and Installation Contracting Command command team recently conducted a command climate survey as we approached our first 90 days in the leadership position.As you well know the survey is designed to receive feedback from the workforce in a variety of areas to include operational efficiency, leadership, Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program, and work environment just to name of few.More than 500 Soldiers and civilians across the command contributed to the climate survey. Their participation reflects that as a workforce, we strive to ensure that the policies, practices and procedures in place are indeed followed. Polices and regulations that govern opportunities for employment and fair treatment in the workplace allow us to retaining the Army's greatest asset -- its people. Put more simply, it's the law, and any deviation is counter to our Army values.The results revealed both areas that need to be sustained and improved. The data was analyzed and a detailed plan was developed and disseminated to subordinate leaders. The MICC command team will assess the effectiveness of the plan in the coming months as we receive feedback from our travels, town halls and digital communications.I ask that you engage your leadership directly with recommendations and concerns. However, I understand sometimes it is favorable to utilize other sources. The MICC has a robust special staff to address a myriad of issues. The inspector general, equal employment opportunity program, equal opportunity program, SHARP as well as chaplain and legal sections are available and can resolve many problems before they become crises. Together, they all contribute to creating a climate of dignity and respect for all members of the command who support the contracting mission.You decide to whom you want to reach out to, just don't stay quiet. Your voice is important, and the command team cannot drive change if we are not aware of problems. We are committed to improve our organization, treat everybody with respect and make every Soldier and civilian feel they a part of the team.