Trainees in Initial Entry Training face many physical and emotional challenges as they begin the transition from civilian volunteer to an American Soldier. This transition includes 12 requirements that must be met in order to graduate basic training.

During Red Phase, the first of three phases, trainees complete four out of these the 12 graduation requirements.

Friday, trainees in Company F, 1st Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment, completed one of 12 graduation requirements, a 40-foot rappel tower, known as the Confidence Tower or Warrior Tower.

Staff Sgt. Donovan Camelin, Confidence Tower Cadre member and instructor, talked about the importance of this requirement during Red Phase.

"The shock and awe of taking them out of their everyday civilian element after they sit through the classroom, and they sit through the boring stuff -- this shows them right away the drills sergeants are professionals," Camelin said. "The confidence tower shows them they can have confidence in themselves, the drills, the equipment, and the instructions (provided by the cadre)."

Prior to taking the step off the 40-foot wall, trainees are instructed on making Swiss seats and rappel operations. Next, trainees practice the new rappel techniques on a shorter diagonal wall.

"When we first arrived to the tower I, was pretty nervous and thought I may get injured or something would happen," said Pvt. Debrada Rice, Company F, trainee.

Following the rappel, her excitement level changed.

"It was exciting and it was pretty fun," Rice said. "The information is great and something that we can and will likely use in the future."

Monday, Company F will be moving on to the next requirement, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear training, also known as the CBRN or gas chamber.