5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery, 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command hosted an Allied and Partner visit attended by air defenders from Poland, Romania and Sweden at Smith Barracks, Baumholder, Germany Jan. 17-18, 2018.

"The idea for this event was a result of discussions with our Romanian Allies during SABRE GUARDIAN 17 and Swede Partners during AURORA 17. Having spent time with our Patriot batteries, leaders from both countries expressed great interest our battalion training and maintenance program, manning guidance, and leader development," said Lt. Col. Barry Carter, commander of the 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery.

The purpose of the visit was to start building lasting partnerships with the new Patriot battalions being established by the Polish, Romanian, and Swedish Armed Forces that included senior members of their acquisition programs and future Patriot battalion and battery commanders, logisticians and maintainers, said 1st Lt. Benjamin E. Schiff, tactical director assigned to 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery, 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command.

"The topics ranged from battalion manning, training, gunnery certifications, simulated/sustained training, institutional learning, maintenance structure, maintenance reports and actions," Schiff, a native of Detroit, Mich. said.

The visit also included a tour of the 5-7 ADA motor pool and fire unit sites.

Schiff said the objectives of the visit were to enhance allied and partner air and missile defense relationships supporting overall NATO collective defense, develop a greater level of understanding on Patriot battalion operations with new Patriot user countries, build lasting relationships with Polish, Romanian, and Swedish counterparts who will be establishing the first Patriot battalion's in their respective countries and identify future cooperative engagements that leverage current tactical expertise as well as enhance institutional and operational development.

Schiff said the visit was successful.

"The event was well received by the countries in attendance and they proposed future engagements including creating formal partnerships between 5-7 ADA and their new battalions."

Carter was happy with the event and excited for future opportunities to share ideas and experiences with Allies and Partners.

"Being able to host our NATO Allies and Partners was a great experience for our Soldiers. I anticipate this is just one of many relationship building events we'll share over the coming years," he said.