An event meant to provide spiritual strength and resiliency to the Fort Knox community is just around the corner.

The National Prayer Breakfast service is set for Feb. 20 at Prichard Place Chapel, 226 South 8th Armored Division Drive.

"The whole purpose is to build unity in our community and to provide an opportunity for leaders, soldiers and citizens to develop and build spiritual resiliency and to come together as a family and unit here on Fort Knox," Maj. Michael Patterson said.

The worship service will be from 7 to 8 a.m., followed by the breakfast. The theme for the event is Spiritual Gold: Living Beyond Yourself. Patterson said they will have five or six prayers, praying for the nation, Soldiers, Family, the community and leaders. He said between each of the prayers will be special music from people who are participants in their chapel.

The guest speaker for the event will be Fort Knox Senior Chaplain (Col.) David VanderJagt.

To attend, Patterson said, people need to get with a unit ministry team leader and get a ticket. If the team leader is out of tickets, he said those interested can call (502) 624-5255.

Patterson said the event is for the Fort Knox community, but anyone can attend. He said they do need to reserve tickets, however, so organizers have a good count on how many will be present.

Patterson said they had about 190 people attend last year. They can accommodate about 250.