FORT STEWART, Ga. -- Soldiers of the 3rd Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team conducted training on the new Hippo water distribution system on Fort Stewart, April 15.

The Hippo is a new system intended to replace the Water Buffalo.

"(The Hippo) holds 2,000 gallons (of water) and is going to be a great asset to us as far as efficiency, and it will be great for deployment," said Sgt. Isaac Taylor, water purification specialist for Company A, 3rd BSB.

The unit also includes a heater and pump system.

"The Hippo has a pump that can push water, or it can suck water from another water point to move it from point A to point B," said Louis Jones, a new equipment training instructor on post. "The water buffalos were smaller in capacity and had fewer capabilities. The Hippo can pump 125 gallons per minute and can be transported on a LHS [HEMTT Load Handling System] or air carried."

The Hippo is also superior to the old system because of it's ability to be hoisted onto the back of a truck instead of being attached via trailer, like the water buffalos needed to be.

"The difference in this unit compared to the older units is that this unit is all self-contained," said Sgt. Taylor. "The older units took three to four Soldiers to load it onto the back of a truck while this one can be done a lot faster. This unit is also great for relief missions, because it can be moved so easily and can hold a lot of water."