DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich. -- A sizeable crowd gathered for the 2018 annual National Prayer Breakfast observance on February 1, 2018 at the Detroit Arsenal.

This year's program was hosted by TACOM Commanding General Maj. Gen. Clark LeMasters, who also was the keynote speaker. The theme was "Forever God is faithful every step of the way."

Immediately prior to the program, attendees were treated to a full breakfast, prepared by the Detroit Arsenal cafeteria staff. While audience members were enjoying their breakfast, the Detroit Arsenal Unit Ministry Team Choir, directed by Dale Pement, sang two musical selections

After breakfast, Master of Ceremonies Ron Bankston welcomed the audience. The choir sang the National Anthem and TACOM Chaplain Lt. Col. David Snyder delivered the invocation followed by three additional selections performed by the choir.

Next, the following prayers and scripture readings were presented:
- TACOM Community Prayer, Command Sergeant Major Ian C. Griffin
- Prayer for the Nation, Garrison Manager Joseph Moscone
- Prayer for the World, Army Contracting Command-Warren Acting Executive Director Col. Paul D. Shuler
- Old Testament Reading, Lamentations 3:22-23, Sheila Smith-Ireland
- Jewish Prayer, Chaplain Assistant Specialist Derrick A. White
- New Testament Reading, II Timothy 2:8-13, Jill E. Goryca
- Islamic Prayer, Ahmed Mawari.

LeMasters spoke about the importance of faith as one of the pillars on which our nation was founded as well as its importance in the Army and in his career and personal life.

"Faith is one of the pillars on which our great nation was founded," LeMasters said, "and it is incorporated in many of our foundational documents. Faith is about more than religion, it is an important part of what we in the Army refer to as resilience."

"Faith has been a source of hope and comfort to me throughout my life and career and has gotten me through some of my most difficult moments," LeMasters also stated. "It has helped me cope with the loss of family members and Soldiers that I served with."

"Because of the important role that faith plays in maintaining the readiness and resilience of our Army," LeMasters said, "I fully support the Chaplain's mission to provide an environment where our Soldiers and civilians are free to express their religious beliefs and to put them into practice in their daily work. I am truly grateful to Chaplain Snyder and his assistant, Specialist White, for all their efforts to make this a reality here at TACOM."

The program concluded with the choir and audience members singing "God Bless America" and a benediction by Snyder.

History of the National Prayer Breakfast

In 1953, President Dwight Eisenhower, at the request of members of several congressional prayer groups which began meeting during World War II, invited a group of national leaders to join him for the first Presidential Prayer Breakfast. The name was changed to the National Prayer Breakfast in 1970 and the tradition was subsequently extended to military installations, state capitals, and cities and continues today in nearly every military and civilian community in the nation.