ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. -- As part of the Joint Munitions Command's Equal Employment Opportunity initiative, the Special Emphasis Program Managers Committee members strive to promote workforce diversity throughout the command.

The overall objective of the SEPMs is to enhance the employment and advancement of minorities, women, and individual with disabilities, by ensuring they are afforded an equal opportunity in every personnel management policy and practice.

"Affirmative employment plans are designed to develop a competitive, highly-qualified workforce that uses all workers' talents, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex or disability," said Tamara Moland, EEO director.

The committee is made up of six representatives that advocate for individuals with disabilities and those from the following minority groups: Hispanic, Black/African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Women and American Indian/Alaskan Natives.

The subcommittee members function as organizational liaisons to provide valuable information about the concerns and needs of minorities, women, and people with disabilities in their respective organizations. The subcommittee members comprise a working group representing the workforce's variety of organizations, occupations, grades and ethnic diversity within JMC.

"I hope to demonstrate that the JMC workforce can be stronger by employing a broad and diverse population of employees who have historically been under-represented," said Linda Loebach, individuals with disabilities SEPM. "The managers want to help these minorities, and anyone working for JMC, to be promotable and to achieve their career goals."

"We hope to accomplish USAjobs webpage workshops, mock interviews, provide mentorship and, resume reviews, and broaden our external outreach to assist individuals with any barriers that are present in the workforce." said Amber Graves, American Indian/Alaskan Native SEPM.

"The SEPM committee members work together as a team to develop strength through diversity, to enhance employment and advancement opportunities," added Moland.