Literacy night at Pierce Terrace Elementary focused on exposing students and parents to fun reading activities.

Held Jan. 25 this year, Literacy Night is an event for first graders providing students and parents the opportunity to experience four reading stations where they listened to a story read to them or participate in a reader's theater script.

"The Story of Ferdinand" by Munro Leaf read by Ms. Aime Ledesma Pierce Terrace Foreign Language
instructor for kindergarten, first, second and third graders, opened with greetings in Spanish. "I read them stories in Spanish when I can incorporate that into my curriculum." Ledesma said. "Literacy Night is very important because it starts at this age, and students learn the love for reading."

At the reader's theatre script station lead by Renee McCants, first-grade teacher at Pierce Terrace, students read their assigned script role of "The Hat" by Jane Brett, with perfection.

A 14-year career educator, having taught third, four and fifth grade, McCants believes that gaining a love for reading early on, may help students avoid future hardships.

"If students don't learn to love reading in first grade, they struggle and it's going to be a constant struggle." McCant said. "If students develop a love for reading now, then they will always have that love for reading and they will push their self to read more and think more analytically about reading."