FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. -- All of a sudden, the person standing next to you grabs their chest and falls to the ground.

And you're the only one around.

Luckily you took the Heartsaver/AED class at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital and learned how to do chest compressions and administer breaths to someone who isn't breathing correctly.

The class also taught you how to use an Automated External Defibrillator.

All of the stress about learning medical stuff--and maybe, possibly, having to even provide help for someone in the future--it all faded away as the class progressed.

When you completed the class and left with your card, you were confident in your ability to perform CPR and use the AED if needed.

You never know when you might be the only person available to help when someone in need.

"If you can recognize there's a problem, get help on the way, and then intervene for a few minutes until help gets there, often times that makes all the difference between someone surviving or not," said Brad Groves, GLWACH Military Training Network Program Director.

To sign up for the Heartsaver/AED class, email Groves at You must be a Department of Defense employee or active duty military to attend.

(Editor's note: Brooks is the marketing specialist at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital)