"This is a great day for our Army Civilians," said Maj. Gen. Pete Johnson, Fort Jackson commander, during a forum on the installation's Civilian Appreciation Day. "You are half our workforce. We cannot do our mission without Department of the Army Civilians period."

Fort Jackson and installation leadership honored its Army Civilian workforce Jan. 26 with an Army Civilian Appreciation Day. The day started with a professional forum at the Solomon Center followed by a luncheon at the NCO Club, where Ellen M. Helmerson, TRADOC's deputy chief of staff for personnel management, provided remarks.

Johnson spoke with Army Civilians at the forum and lauded them for helping Fort Jackson accomplish its mission.

"Our Army Civilians not only establish the continuity that we have to have, they do our mission," he said. "They are at every level. For everything we do here at Fort Jackson there are Army Civilians."
He couldn't thank them enough and encouraged them to bring the efforts of other Army Civilians to their leadership.

'I hope you take time at every echelon to thank not only yourself, but to say thanks for what you do for your Army and Fort Jackson," Johnson said. "Us leaders do try to do our best … to understand and recognize" the best employees, "but nobody knows what's going on better than the one sitting" next to you.

Helmerson shared some insights with Fort Jackson's Army Civilians at the luncheon that could help them improve their careers.

Army Civilians can "empower" themselves by "understanding the job opportunities available to us" in whatever career path they are in, she said.

Each unit and partner in excellence on Fort Jackson has its own initiatives to improve the overall life of Army Civilians.

Johnson highlighted the programs on Fort Jackson aimed at improving the lives of Army Civilians. These initiatives include the Army Civilian Awards Program, a quarterly Army Civilian Advisory Panel, the Civilian Wellness Program, the Stewardship of the Army Profession Forum, and Army Civilian Development Programs, such as Garrison's Skill Enhancement and Employee Development program,

The Garrison SEED program consists of on-line courses, formal classroom training, and developmental educational opportunities designed to prepare the participants for future leadership while enhancing skills, knowledge, and abilities of current managers and supervisors. This program applies to all Garrison employees whether they are in permanent, term, or temporary assignments.

Army Civilians should contact their supervisors for more information for specific information regarding their unit's civilian development programs.