Unified Quest

What is it'

Unified Quest is an integrated year-long campaign of learning consisting of seminars, studies and excursions, and culminating in the Army Future Game during May 3- 8 at the Center for Strategic Leadership at the Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pa. Built on the expertise of a broad array government officials, scholars, allies, and military leaders, Unified Quest examines questions of interest to the Army but yields answers of interest to all. The theme for Unified Quest 2009 is "sustaining balance in the future force" and this year's campaign has examined how the Army can rebalance itself to confront the complex challenges and hybrid threats of the
future as an agile, integral component of a "whole-of-government" approach.

What has the Army done'

Through its OEF and OIF experiences, the Army has developed an impressive competency in confronting irregular adversaries--one that it must maintain for the foreseeable future. Yet the Army must remain prepared to conduct operations across the spectrum of conflict, and Unified Quest is helping the Army achieve the appropriate balance of capabilities to do so.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future'

Several of this year's learning objectives are derived from the demands of OEF/OIF, and the results of the study will be as applicable to ongoing operations as they are to the future.

Specific examples include:

*Determining how to enhance the expeditionary quality of the generating force--the institutional component of the Army--so that it can lend its unique skills and expertise to the fight.

*Determining how the Army can enhance unity of effort with its interagency partners (with a special emphasis on interagency planning at the JTF-country team level).

*Determining how the Army can best enable, sustain, and support diverse military and civilian partners without a large, conventional force footprint.

Why is this important to the Army'

Unified Quest envisions plausible developments in the not-too-distant future to enable leaders to make hard choices about the commitment of resources. Unified Quest applies an interdisciplinary methodology to examine the most salient issues confronting the Army and our nation. The insights gained enable policymakers to provide full-spectrum capabilities in a resource constrained, ambiguous environment.