Math Night at the Commissary provides a real world example of how good math skills can pay off.

Paula Favor, a teacher on the third grade team for C. C. Pinckney, said the students absolutely
love this event.

"They love coming to the commissary going down their aisle with their packet," Favor said. "They just love the fact that they can come in and touch things in the commissary."

Held Jan. 18 this year, Math night at the Commissary is an annual event for third graders attending C.C. Pinckney. "Math is our focus at the school and Math Night at The Commissary supports that focus," Favor said.

Commissary aisles were filled with third graders utilizing their math skills to check prices, compare prices, and weigh and measure items; much like they have witnessed their parents do when grocery shopping.

"It's important for this to take place in the commissary because it is a real world experience and what we are trying to do is to help our children connect the math that we do to the real world," Favor said.

Bernard Ellison, store director of the commissary, works with vendors to provide gift cards to the students who participate in Math Night at the Commissary.

"It makes me very happy to see the young people learning at an early age and hopefully the skills learned will take them through life and when they get older they will be better shoppers," Ellison said. "We didn't do this when I was in third grade but I would have loved to."