FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. -- During an Employee Engagement workshop in February 2016 participants pinpointed a need for Fort Campbell's Civilian workforce.

"The group established that civilian training was fragmented across the installation, and an effort was needed to consolidate current training under one umbrella," said Scott B. Galbraith, training officer, Fort Campbell Training Integration Branch training officer. "Additionally, they recognized that more training was needed to address the professional needs of the workforce."

Also last year, the U.S. Army Installation Management Command implemented the Service Culture Initiative, which changed the way Army garrisons deliver base support. Part of that effort includes employee engagement and professional development.

"We're trying to set the culture where the workforce knows where they can go and get professional development training," Galbraith said.

To consolidate civilian workforce training, a portion of what is known as Kinnard Mission Training Complex-North at 6073 Screaming Eagle Blvd., was converted into the Fort Campbell Garrison Learning Center, which opened this week.

"It's been completely gutted and we've turned it into useable classroom space," Galbraith said.

In the past, the Fort Campbell Training Integration Branch staff "would always have to try to find a location for training. Now we actually have a world-class facility here," he said.

Part of the building has been left as an open bay area so vehicles can be used in training simulations.

"The fire department has already come down and looked at it and said they could do some possible training scenarios down there with some of their emergency vehicles parked in the bay and then have the operation center in the classroom," Galbraith said. "That's the type of things that we're looking to leverage this facility for."

Leadership Fort Campbell 2.0 will be the first formal course taught in the new facility. Additional workforce training including Faculty Development Program training is already scheduled at the center during FY2018.

"We're continuously developing training opportunities for our workforce to meet their professional development needs," Galbraith said.

The center will have a regular training schedule but the space also is available to directorates and units to host their own trainings. Scheduling is done through Facility Manager Bill Endsley at the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security training division.

Galbraith said the facility is designed to suit any needs, from as few as 10 people up to 42 on computers and around 250 in a briefing-style training.

"That was the intent of the building," he said. "That we'd have the flexibility that we can design the room based off of our customers' training requests."

Galbraith said the facility allows his team to better support the professional needs of the organizations that support Soldiers and Families, thus supporting IMCOM's Service Culture Initiative.

"The GLC supports professional development of our workforce," Galbraith said. "If employees feel engaged, valued and are properly trained, they will in turn pass forward this positive attitude to their customers and coworkers."