VILSECK, Germany - Soldiers from the Regimental Support Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment conducted a Maintenance Shock from Jan. 8- 11, 2018 on Rose Barracks, Germany to improve readiness for major upcoming multinational training exercises especially Saber Strike 18.The objective of the maintenance shock was for the squadron leaders to conduct a surprise exercise to evaluate the readiness of various military vehicles, communication equipment, mounted weapon systems and mobile ground support equipment. The Soldiers will need to be fully prepared to sustain the entire regiment as they conduct a road march from Germany to the Baltics states this summer.Key tasks for the shock included conducting a road test to check the status of all vehicles, identify major faults, update all Equipment Maintenance and Inspection Worksheets, and ordering all parts to repair the equipment.Chief Warrant Officer 3 Troyland Ricketts, RSS Maintenance Technician, explained that the maintenance shock was a critical assessment the RSS used to get a snapshot of the squadron's maintenance posture.Ricketts believed that the shock increased the squadron's capability to technically inspect equipment so that the maintenance personnel can accurately detect faults in the equipment.Throughout the exercise, over 200 vehicles were inspected, along with most of the unit's weapon systems, Joint Capability Release tracking systems, radios, and generators.The Headquarters and Headquarters Troop commander, Capt. Teresa Mesina felt that the maintenance shock was a valuable self-assessment of her troop's readiness."As a company commander, I need to know the full capability of my equipment. I need to be able to identify any faults and services that need to be completed in preparation for Saber Strike," she said.Overall, the maintenance shock was an invaluable tool for all levels of the organization. Sgt. Jukit Saelim, a Bravo Troop mechanic dedicated to HHT for the shock, spoke highly of the impact the shock had on the organization, specifically pointing out the importance of some of the key tasks."The road test was a great idea. It helped catch problems before the vehicles entered the motor pool," Saelim commented.The Maintenance Shock helped the leadership and Soldiers of RSS learn a valuable lesson about their readiness, and how to better prepare for Saber Strike 18.After the shock, almost everyone in the organization agreed that readiness takes commitment from the whole team, from the operators to the commanders.Going forward, the Regimental Support Squadron will continue to make self-improvements so that the rest of the Regiment can shoot, move, and communicate beyond expectations during Saber Strike 18.