CAMP ARIFJAN, KUWAIT -- Area Support Group (ASG) -- Kuwait and the 371st Sustainment Brigade assisted a film crew with an upcoming documentary filmed about the military newspaper Stars and Stripes December 8, 2017, at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Vanilla Fire Productions was traveling around southwest Asia filming interviews and footage for their upcoming Stars and Stripes documentary, "The World's Most Dangerous Paper Route". The production is the story of the men and women of Stars and Stripes who put themselves in harm's way to share national news and military stories to those serving overseas. The film's director, Matthew Hausle from Moving Pictures Productions, and documentary producer, Steven Barber from Vanilla Fire Productions, say they are making the film to shine a light on the people of Stars and Stripes. "The importance of this film cannot be underrated," said Barber. "Our fighting forces of men and women are forgotten about in these far flung regions of the earth." "Americans cannot even fathom the sacrifices these folks make on a daily basis." The film crew conducted interviews with military members from all backgrounds to see what they thought about the paper. The common word was how much they enjoy having a daily newspaper available to them. "The paper allows our deployed service members to keep up with current events," said Col. Steven Berger, commander of ASG -- Kuwait. "The paper also helps lend perspective to how important our role is in supporting U.S. objectives." The Stars and Stripes newspaper is hand delivered each morning to the chow halls and many other locations at military installations around the world. The movie producers interviewed one daily reader of the Stars and Stripes, Staff Sgt. Casey McMurray of the 371st Sustainment Brigade. "I feel more connected to things back home because of Stars and Stripes," said McMurray. "Being a part of this project is exciting and very important to inform people about the dangerous mission of the paper." The documentary will be pushed out to screen at film festivals all over the world. Vanilla Fire Productions is also in talks with Netflix to carry the story. The film is currently under production in hopes for an April 2018 release date. "We hope people see this film and realize the pure danger and sacrifice that the folks from Stars and Stripes take on a voluntary basis," said Barber. "No one is forced to go into these situations to print this newspaper." Vanilla Fire Productions has produced many other military documentaries available on their website