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USAG DAEGU, South Korea -- Yi, Myong-ok, a Budget Analyst at Camp Henry Resource Management Office who won 'Length of Service -- 40 Years' award in All Hand Workforce Award, 13 December 2017, devoted two-third of her life to USAG Daegu.

When she was a high school student, she visited USAG Daegu installations. She realized that there was an amazing world that was entirely different from the environment in which she had lived in and decided to join the Garrison community. She took typing courses in order to apply for the test recruiting typists hosted by the U.S. Army. In November 1977, she started working at Camp Carroll Education Center as a temporary worker, and then became a permanent worker three months later.

"Naturally I was reluctant to get an award in front of a lot of people, but I was rather glad that I got it when it could have been my last chance," as she delivered the vivid impression of that day she got the award. "I was so thankful to our department staff who took photos and videos of me. It was first time in my life to feel this kind of appreciation from my colleagues, so I think it will linger forever in my memory."

Yi is responsible for the management of temporary duty of all staff and though it was quite busy, she took pride in her work providing services to others. In addition, she praised her team and supervisor highly.

"Every member in our office are very nice. I am quite old and I am not good at computer or electronic devices. Whenever I cannot handle an electronic device proficiently, they help me as if it is their work. Of course, we work well as a team. The new supervisor also keeps a big smile to all of us. Now I am pleased and comfortable ever," she said.

"Mrs. Yi has never been angry with the customers for 15 years and always has patience and smiles," said her coworker, Yom, Hui-chong, Senior Budget Analyst at Camp Henry Resource Management Office. "Her professionalism is impressive to others. Though she is the oldest employee in our office, she strives to help and harmonize everyone on an equal footing, regardless of their age and position."

Sometimes Yi misunderstands some situations because of the cultural differences and have difficulty communicating with others in English. However, she continues to challenge and develop herself to overcome those situations.

"I had some difficulty in language while working, so I tried hard to solve this problem. Despite my age, I went to an English department in the university. If you have a strong will to something, nothing is impossible," she said.

Yi saw the advantage of serving in U.S. Army as a work environment as clearly defined commute time. It makes her being able to have enough personal time after work. On the other hand, she has had a lot of valuable relationships and enjoyed working.

"It is fortunate for me to have joined USAG Daegu. There are not many jobs that people can get at my age, so my friends envy me a lot. My husband even jokes that when I retire, I should bow toward the base. So I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the U.S. Army."