As of Jan. 1, the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Command (CID) will no longer accept staff sergeants to become Special Agents (31D). CID will primarily target specialists and sergeants. Interested Soldiers should use the online CID Agent Application Processing portal, via, to apply.Under the control of CID's Recruiting Operations Cell (ROC), the agent application processing portal is on track and has been cranking out CID agent applications at a steady pace since its launch, July 1, 2014."Since then, we have processed roughly 1,350 applications, which averages about 450 per year," said Lisa Dodd, chief of the CID Special Agent Accessions Branch. "Before that, the applications were submitted in hard copy by the local CID offices and we were only receiving 140 applications on average, per year."The portal is a web-based tool for submission of special agent applications with the intent to improve processing timelines. The portal builds an applicant's packet and allows agents in the field to focus on just recruiting, and then work only with candidates who are fully qualified.To begin the application process, Regular Army Soldiers must submit registration requests via the CID website. During this process, they will be prompted to answer 15 basic qualification questions; if qualified, a member of the ROC will provide the Soldier with detailed instructions to begin their online application. The process consists of five phases and takes about 120 days to complete:Phase 1: Applicants will have a 30-day suspense to complete the application forms and upload the supporting documents to their application folder. ROC member verifies requirements and moves application to next phase.Phase 2: ROC member conducts background check through iPERMS, ALERTS, DCII, and Crime Records Center; if cleared, application moves to next phase.Phase 3: Referral is sent to local CID Detachment Recruiting Coordinator (DRC) to complete the CID Panel Interview, and medical and security screenings. If cleared, application moves to next phase. Phase 4: Quality control check and referral to selection panel.Phase 5: Selection Panel Review - Accessions Branch Chief, CCWO, CSM, and G1; recommendations for disapproval are referred to the DCG for final decision.According to the ROC, on average they receive approximately 100 registration requests per month. Less than half are qualified to begin the application process."It is extremely challenging assisting the applicants and making sure we go through every document with a fine toothed comb," said SA Adam Carter, a CID ROC recruiter. "It's detailed and extremely time consuming, but our focus is to provide the best candidates, so we must vet these applications to the highest standards."The ROC team added that they rely heavily on assistance from the agents in the field to make the process go smoothly for qualified candidates."The DRCs are doing a tremendous job at recruiting future CID agents, so much so that we can get more selective with who we select," Carter said. "We try to take a holistic view of the applicant packets we receive. We can, and need to, select the superstars."For more information, contact the ROC at or call 571-305-4348/4369/4337.