Over 100 Joint Fires leaders from across Europe representing over 20 nations and 30 separate organizations, including over a dozen general officers, attended the Third Annual 2018 International Fires Warfighting Forum (IFWF) at the Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) Headquarters on Ramstein Air Base, Germany Jan. 10-11, 2017.
The 19th Battle Coordination Detachment in coordination with NATO AIRCOM conducted the forum to facilitate European and NATO Fires-focused dialogue and stimulate discussion to address mutual challenges and opportunities for collaboration.
COL William L. Kirby, 19th BCD Commander, highlighted the purpose of this year's IFWF was to facilitate forward-looking methods for improving Fires C2 and Targeting along a centralized theme of "Fires in an era of Multi-Domain Battle".
"Some of the key elements in the discussion were; supporting ongoing and future exercises; refining knowledge of fires capabilities gaps; building the network and community of interest; and supporting allied fires initiatives. Senior and international fires leaders will be more informed and Europe's allies and partners are better postured to support future requirements."
COL Kirby emphasized the forum's enduring goal of improving interoperability and growing capacity among partners and allies in the European Fires community.
The Forum's positive impact on the international Fires community is evident in the impressive 50% year-over-year growth in attendance and the 19th BCD is already looking forward to next year's event.
Among the attendees were: LTG Rahmah Rama (commander of Kosovo Forces), MG Reinhard Wolski (German ACCDC Commander), MG Glenn Bramhall (ARNG Special Assistant), BG Timothy Daughtery, (USAREUR G3), BG Fabio Giambartologei (Italy Artillery HQ), BG Frank Rice (263rd Army Air and Missile defense Command Deputy Commanding General), BG Paul Tennant (Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, Chief of Joint Fires), BG Randy McIntire (US Air Defense School), and BG Anthony Aguto (7th ATC Commander).