A squirrel goes house hunting on Fort Jackson, finds a pretty squirrelly spot and starts to set up shop. Where is this story going and who is this squirrel? I'm happy you ask. The squirrel, wait; we have to give this squirrel a name, let's go with Sammy.

Sammy's totally tubular home sits high up on a telephone pole. As he stocks his home with tasty treats Sammy notice he would have room for more acorns, if he got rid of the pesky wires taking up space. Sammy pulled and pulled but the wires wouldn't budge, so Sammy chewed the wires into nothingness.

Meanwhile, right across the street from Sammy's totally tubular pad, operations at the Fort Jackson Veterinary Treatment Facility were going fantastically furry, until a couple of systems went a little nutty.

"We went to check out a client and our credit card machine wasn't working error message read, transaction lost," said Staff Sergeant Constance Nicholsbingham Clinic NCOIC Public Health Activity -- Fort Gordon, Fort Jackson Branch, who initiated a work order to fix the issue.

And that's the story of how Sammy the Squirrel's unhealthy appetite for telephone wires lead to a news story on, 2 Reasons to Visit the Fort Jackson Vet Clinic to keep your pets healthy this year.

Y'all thought it was going to be a bad joke, didn't you?! Hey, did you hear the one about the squirrel who kept stealing chocolate candy bars?

The Fort Jackson Vet Clinic provides more than squirrel food; no seriously squirrels do not eat the wires, they provide by appointment health care services for your pets. We'll cover two:
Pet Immunizations

"When living on post it is a requirement that pets have distemper and rabies vaccines," said Staff Sergeant Nicholsbingham, "pets must also have a microchip."

Proper Diet Education
Nicholsbingham also urged pet owners to make sure their pets are eating healthy and drinking plenty of water "know the brand of food you are giving your pet. Carrots and apples can be used in place of milk bones as they are good in fiber, a lot of people aren't aware of that, so we like to educate our clients on the proper diet for their pet."

Diet and exercise go hand and hand, remember to make sure your furry family members are staying active. In cold weather, bring pets inside and always have water accessible for your pet.
Want more information on how to keep your pet healthy? That's another reason to contact the Fort Jackson Vet Clinic (803) 751-7160.