Fort Leonard Wood's Public Affairs Office has teamed up with a talented group of volunteers to bring new and exciting products to those wishing to learn more about the installation, the area, and even military life in general.

A blog titled, "Show Me Fort Leonard Wood: Your one-stop guide to everything Fort Leonard Wood," is the first product unveiled and has recently been released on Wordpress.

"PAO created a blog for local spouses, by local spouses, to answer many common questions families face when they move to Fort Leonard Wood," said Tiffany Wood, PAO director. "Having a military spouse write the blog to tell the Fort Leonard Wood story to other spouses makes sense because they have unique experiences and insights that other military spouses can relate to. If someone has a question about on-post housing, who better to answer those questions than someone living in post housing?"

The blog's main author, Amanda Sullivan, PAO volunteer and military spouse, said the blog is mostly geared toward new and veteran spouses, service members and families of Soldiers in training on the installation.

"My hope is to provide a place where spouses, Soldiers and families can find accurate answers to questions they may have regarding the post, opportunities and resources, or general information," Sullivan said. "There is so much information out there that determining the correct answers to even simple questions can be difficult. I aim to change that."

Pulling from her own experiences and backed by research, Sullivan said she is trying to answer all of the questions she had before moving to Fort Leonard Wood, and even to her first duty station as a spouse, to create an in-depth list of topics.

"I took into consideration the questions I had when first moving here, or as a new spouse in general, and also researched the most common questions I have seen spouses ask," she said. "I will cover topics ranging from etiquette and protocols, such as what to wear to a military ball, to things to do around Fort Leonard Wood. We will feature how-to guides on a variety of topics related to living on Fort Leonard Wood."

Sullivan said she will also be focusing her time on providing a basic training family guide series for the families of Soldiers in training to help them learn what they can expect while their Soldier is here in training.

"Show Me Fort Leonard Wood" can be found at, with new items scheduled to be posted on Mondays and Fridays. Those wishing to follow along can sign up via email on the blog site to receive notification when new items are posted. Readers are also encouraged to suggest topics they feel need to be addressed.