When Bryce Simpson entered the world at 4:01 a.m. on New Year's Day, he was right on time - spot on his expected delivery day, in fact. His early morning birth, though, earned him the title of the first Madigan baby of 2018.

Mom Blessilda and dad Fredrick came to the hospital the night before to wait on Bryce's arrival; they ended up bringing in the New Year with the labor and delivery staff.

"They did a great little thing for us. We even got the little party hats; they opened up the doors so that we could do the countdown all together," said Fredrick, who added the staff even passed out sparkling cider. "We got to toast in the New Year with the guys on the floor, which was really cool."

When Bryce was born, Fredrick and Blessilda both felt very connected with his delivery process.

"We got to do everything," said Fredrick, a retired Navy Seabee. "We got the mirror, my wife got to touch Bryce's head as he was coming out, (and) I got to cut the cord."

The intimate birth meant even more to the couple since Bryce's older sister's birth was more challenging and required more than a dozen medical staff in the room.

"(Blessilda) got to experience everything she didn't get to experience with Sofia because of the complications we had with her," said Fredrick. Sofia, now 3 years old, was also a Madigan baby.

Bryce is a healthy newborn who's now back home with his family. His parents left Madigan "thoroughly impressed" with the care they received from both day and nightshift teams.

"It was amazing; it really was," said Fredrick.