Army Readiness Reporting: TMD Supports Commanders' Objective Assessments of Training Proficiency

By Ms. Sarah Schwennesen (CAC-T TMD)April 26, 2018

Training Management Directorate
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The Training Management Directorate (TMD), the Army's proponent for training management, is working closely with Army agencies and commands to support objective training and readiness reporting requirements.

The Army is currently working under an Initial Operating Capability (IOC) of Objective Assessment of Training Proficiency, or Objective-T. The TMD is tasked with enabling units to perform this new process of objective readiness reporting via the Digital Training Management System (DTMS).

"Similar to a "How-to" guide, TMD ensures factors affecting training management are accounted for, so the Army can more effectively report training proficiency," said COL Stephen M. York, TMD Director. "Due to the complexity of the tasks at hand, we have taken great care to try and weave together the products and online tools units and commanders need to effectively manage their training. However, we routinely find units that have not taken advantage of the resources and continue to struggle with understanding the nuances of the changes."

The Army Training Management System (ATMS), more specifically, the Army Training Network (ATN), is the Army's one-stop-shop for all things related to training management. It provides access to the Combined Arms Training Strategies (CATS), the Digital Training Management System (DTMS) and the Standardized Mission Essential Task Lists (METL) viewer.

These tools empower unit commander's and their Soldiers, the tools needed to correctly plan, prepare, execute and assess training in support of HQDA EXORD 002-16 (FRAGO 4), "Enable, Resource, Build, Assess, and Sustain Training Readiness."

The ATN has resources to assist in the understanding and implementation of objective training and readiness reporting. Among these is: The Leader's Guide to Objective-T, IOC, a tool for unit leaders to navigate through the interim instructions and procedures. The ATN is the central source for all publications, resources and files pertaining to Objective-T.

Additionally, TMD provides Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) that provide on-site assistance to training managers on the relevant doctrine and the DTMS and CATS supporting capabilities.

The TMD-supported redesign of the Army Training and Evaluation Outlines (T&EOs) provides commanders with a more detailed objective reporting and task evaluation tool. ATN has a detailed guide for trainers on how to properly use a T&EO that will assist commanders in assessing their units training readiness.

Finally, TMD provides a fully-staffed help desk that can be reached at (913) 684-2700 to support continuous improvement in training management and readiness reporting.

If you have questions or want to learn more, find the Leader's Guide to Objective Assessment of Training Proficiency on CAC-enabled ATN Webpages at the link below.

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