GRAFENWOEHR, Germany (Jan. 8, 2017) -- Approximately 4,100 participants from 10 nations will take part in exercise Allied Spirit VIII at the 7th Army Training Command's Hohenfels Training Area in southeastern Germany, Jan. 15-Feb. 5, 2018.Nearly 2,420 participants will come from the United States and approximately 1,680 participants are scheduled to participate from allied and partner nations of Albania, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom.In this exercise, Poland's 12th Mechanized Brigade will command the multinational brigade headquarters. The Allied Spirit series rotates countries as the brigade headquarters leading the exercise, so all participating countries gain experience of working together in and for a multinational effort.Allied Spirit VIII is unique in its ability to provide hands-on experience and testing of secure communications between NATO allies and partners.