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3 / 3 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Col. Robert P. Mann Jr. briefs William J. Gillis on the Area IV Southern Hub Development Plan. The plan addresses readiness gaps in capacity and in aged infrastructure. The recently finished project is the construction of the Daegu Middle High School... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

USAG DAEGU, South Korea -- Dec 21, 2018 William J. Gillis, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army (ASA) for Installations, Energy and Environment (IE&E) had an opportunity to see and experience the many environmental incentives USAG Daegu has undertaken over recent years. These and other projects were recognized Army-wide on when the USAG Daegu Directorate of Public Works Energy Office received the 2017 Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Award for reducing energy intensity by over 10 percent in fiscal year 2016 by leveraging $4.8 million in energy modernization funding and an Energy Savings Performance Contract to upgrade mechanical systems and lighting.

The visit was a part of Gillis' tour to visit Army installations throughout Korea between 17 and 22 December to ensure IE&E remains globally responsive to emerging requirements. Accompanied by USAG Daegu Commander Col. Robert P. Mann Jr., Gillis did a windshield tour through Camps Henry, Walker, and Carroll.

During his visit, he received updates and reviewed ongoing projects to gain a better understanding of how Army installations operate in a forward deployed environment with specific focus on modernization of facilities.

The projects discussed in the visit can be categorized in two parts; facility consolidation and recapitalization of the infrastructure.

USAG Daegu is working on an overall development plan of its installation as a Southern Hub and reinforcing reusable and environmental friendly concepts with a focus on making the garrison eco-friendly. For example, the free issue program, antifreeze recycling program, shelf-life extensions and use of more environmentally friendly products decreased hazardous waste generation in Area IV by 43.7% between 2014 and 2017.

Since 2014, DPW has installed solar tube lighting systems in nine buildings to support the garrison's renewable energy incentive. Solar tubes harness the natural sunlight through pipes and utilize it to brighten interior spaces without using electricity or light bulbs. It is anticipated that about $80,000 per year is saved through this project. As of 2017, five more buildings have been slated for installation.

The Green Neighbor Initiative, a partnership program between the garrison and local communities, fosters a positive long term relationship and contributes to waste reduction and the green campaign. Food waste dehydrators are installed at multiple installations in the garrison such as the dining facilities and Daegu Middle High School, capable of reducing food waste to 25% of its original weight, contributing to cost avoidance and waste reduction.

USAG Daegu recapitalization of infrastructure is strategically focused on area development plans to sustain the warfighter and increase quality of life, which supports the wartime mission and welfare in armistice. The main development plan is to construct four new Army family housing towers that are capable of housing 360 families. This is expected to replace the old, leased housing which has ongoing maintenance issues and is geographically separated from the other major installations. The plan is designed to make a safe, walkable community capable of meeting the needs of the Soldiers and their Families on one installation, thereby improving quality of life and reducing long term costs.

Following the windshield tour, Gillis presented coins to six people to show appreciation for their commitment and hard work at USAG Daegu.

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