REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (Jan. 3, 2018) -- Carol Tucker is a matrixed AMRDEC employee currently serving as the Deputy Project Manager for the Cruise Missile Defense Systems Project Office under the Program Executive Office, Missiles and Space. As the DPM, Tucker's responsibilities include managing the total life cycle of Indirect Fires Protection Capability Increment 2-Intercept, Sentinel Radar, Avenger, and Stinger weapon systems. She supervises and oversees more than 250 DoD civilians, military personnel, and support contractors.

CMDS supports all life cycle phases of acquisition: Development, Production and Sustainment. "Our vision is to be a premiere organization that is people centric while providing cutting edge products," said Tucker. "Products that are ready, relevant, and continually evolving, working hand-in-hand to sustain the force and deliver new capabilities."

"Maneuver-Short Range Air Defense is in the development phase with the objective to be the family of systems," Tucker said. "We have a strong sustainment division with Sentinel Radar and Avenger being deployed to support readiness. IFPC Inc 2-I is also in the development phase."

Tucker said she enjoys working with the weapon systems, but has a true passion for seeing others grow and develop in their careers. "This is near and dear to my heart," Tucker said. "I value professional development of people because investing in others' growth will leave a legacy of continuous support to our Warfighters."

After 25 years as an engineer, Tucker worked to become a Program Manager, successfully completing all of the required certified courses.

"It just goes to show, it's never too late to continue to grow professionally," she said.

Tucker holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Mississippi State University. She is a graduate of the Army Materiel Command's Engineering Intern Program, has certifications in both Level III Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering and Level III Program Management, and has more than 25 years of acquisition experience.

She is a mentor for the Leader Investment for Tomorrow program, as well as a key contributor to the development, qualification, acquisition, fielding and acquisition of other programs such as Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wire-Guided Radio Frequency, Javelin Block I, and the integration of the Javelin missile on the Future Combat System, Armed Robotic Vehicle Assault Light.

Similar to her time at work, Tucker enjoys spending time investing in people outside of work. "I am the youth director at my church, Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church. I love to work and mentor young people. I also volunteer with non-profit organizations."

She likes spending time with her large family including her husband, Nero, daughter, Jessie, son, Anthony, parents, brothers and sisters.


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