With stockings hung by the chimney with care and twinkling lights flowing into the air, members of the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's (SDDC) G6 Directorate recently worked together as teams to highlight their holiday spirit for a directorate cubicle decorating contest.

The five participating teams went all out to show their spirit. They hung lights, brought in trees to decorate, designed unique snowflakes, played festive music and even tried to bribe the judges with baked goods.

"The competition provides a great opportunity for some friendly rivalry, even among cube mates, and encourages team members to walk around and engage with others on a more personal level," said Bryan King, G6 deputy director.

Judging the contest were Clay Carter, G 1/4 director, Joe Repp, G3 deputy director, and Navy Capt. Brian Baldus, G6 director. The judges ranked the displays on criteria that included looks, use of technology, and capturing the essence of the season.

In the end the winning team was the Information Management Operations Network and Information Assurance branches of the directorate. Their creative display was a digital "Way of Lights" that included laser light shows, reindeer displays, hundreds of twinkling lights, and even a Santa statue with a toy train rolling circles -- truly capturing the essence of surface transportation.

"We really liked the competition, and we love Christmas," said Andrew Barron, an information technology specialist and the team lead on the project.

"This gave those of us on different teams, who sit and work next to each other together, a chance put something really neat together," he added. "During this time of year it is important to remember to enjoy yourself."

A tradition since G6 moved into building 1700 as part of SDDC's Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) move to Scott Air Force Base, the competition is intended to promote positive civil service and contractor relations and to build morale within the directorate.

"The competition culminates a number of G6 holiday season festivities coordinated by our front office team as the directorate prepares to reset over the next couple weeks and gets ready to kick-off the new year," added King.