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As we go about our day to day business at U.S. Army Garrison Daegu, it often never occurs to us that the person in the cubicle next to us, or providing service from across the counter, may have a hidden talent. Such is the case of Mr. Kim, Kon-u, a billeting clerk at the Camp Walker Lodge under Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation. Since 2012, he has participated annually in the National Sports Festival as a representative of Daegu Metropolitan City. Following the Asian Games in 2014, he obtained the International Referee Certificate and has been working as a referee ever since. In 2017, he became a director for the Daegu Metropolitan City Shooting Federation. Kim's team recently took first place against 300 amateur competitors in the National Shooting Competition of Sports for All, held in Hwasung city, Korea. The win qualified them to represent Korea in the 21st Pan Pacific Friendship Shooting League Championship in Bangkok, Thailand Nov. 30 to Dec. 5, 2017, where they won the bronze medal.

Why did you become involved in this shooting sport?

There's no special reason. After getting a job at USAG Daegu in 2009, I became interested in shooting when I followed a friend to a shooting range.

What about shooting attracted you to the sport?

Shooting is controlled, especially by a player's mind. It is a game that requires a high degree of concentration.

How do you concentrate on shooting, especially during competition?

Honestly speaking, my concentration is constantly distracted but I try to minimize useless thoughts by setting up my own routines created through a lot of practice and image training.

How do you relax your body before starting the competition?

Of course, the physical ability is important, but the spiritual part is equally important. So I do a lot of mind control and meditation. Basic warming-up is necessary, too.

What was the most memorable competition of your career?

The National Competition that made me a national representative because we took first place.

What changed for you after you started shooting?

I became more confident and relaxed than before But I spend too much time on shooting these days.

Have you considered becoming a referee?

The number of international referees is insufficient in the Korea Shooting Federation, so I already volunteer as a referee. While I'm judging, I can see the games of world-class players; it improves my skill and helps me to develop as a competitor.

What are your impressions and feelings about participating in the National competition representing Korea?

Because it was my personal and primary goal, I was very pleased and felt a sense of accomplishment that I was selected as a national representative. Of course, I was very lucky, but it was a great honor to enter the international competition for the first time. My team won the bronze medal by taking third place.

How do you expect to improve in this competition?

Because it was the first international competition that I participated in, I was nervous that I could not demonstrate my real ability. But since it has been a good experience to me, I will continue to participate in international competitions, try to relieve the tension and relax, and try to do better next time.

Tell me more about the allure of shooting. Do you have anything to say to those who are interested in sport shooting?

The charm of shooting is that players experience the joy and stress relief when they hit a clay-pigeon. Because the shooting range is close to Camps Walker and Henry, I can teach people directly. I would like to make a class.

What are your plans for the future?

I have a lot of interest in shooting so I want to keep on going and continue to improve my skills. I am still contemplating whether to become a professional player. Also, I love my current job and want to be recognized and promoted at work. I want to do both really well.

Anything to add?

Without the support of the Lodging staff and manager at Camp Walker, I would not have seen such a great result. I really want to say thank you to them.