Staff Sgt. Emily M. Medina receives 4th quarter environmental award

By Pfc. Kim, Hee-cheolDecember 14, 2017

Staff Sgt. Emily M. Medina receives 4th quarter environmental award
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USAG YONGSAN - A Department of the Army Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Staff Sgt. Emily M. Medina of HHD, 41st Signal Battalion, Nov. 22, for her exceptional dedication to duty as an Environmental Compliance Officer for the 41st Signal Battalion. She contributed significantly to the success of the Environmental Division and DPW by training Soldiers to ensure that all environmental regulations and policies were followed.

An Environmental Officer implements and maintains the framework for the Army Environmental Management System. This covers many areas such as hazardous materials, hazardous waste, solid waste, storage tank systems, oils, spills, toxic substances, and the storage and handling of all such materials.

As an Environmental Officer, she pointed out some environmental issues on post. "I observed many hazardous containers that are not labeled, stored, or handled correctly according to Army Regulation 200-1, Environmental Protection and Enhancement," she said. She emphasized the need to train more non-commissioned officers and officers, as well as Soldiers. "Training is vital to units and can work best as it disseminates to every level and rank structure," said Medina. "We can be better environmental stewards as a whole by making sure we report any mishandling or hazard material and not ignore it."

The other issue on post, according to Medina, is continuity. She did not see proper handoffs between outgoing and incoming environmental officers. "This will be a major key for my departure, ensuring the new environmental officer understands the program and what the position entails," said Medina.

"My goal for USAG Yongsan is to leave my position, section, and unit better than it was prior to my arrival," she said. She and her unit will leave USAG Yongsan and transit to USAG Humphreys. She promises to make an impact at Humphreys as well.

"I will continue to maintain the Environmental Compliance Program to standard - hopefully free from accident and damage," she said.