The U.S. Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) is known as "The Army's Face to the World". Stood up in 1965, USASAC is celebrating its 52nd anniversary in 2017. Its leadership team is composed of the commander, Maj. Gen. Stephen E. Farmer, Command Sgt. Maj. Gene E. Canada and Deputy to the Commanding General Mr. Robert L. Moore (SES).

USASAC is the one-stop focal point for Army foreign military sales (FMS) and is considered the "international partner of choice" in U.S. security assistance. USASAC serves approximately 150 allies and friendly countries and multinational organizations. USASAC is supported by the Army Materiel Command (AMC), Army Contracting Command (ACC) and other Dept. of Defense agencies. In partnership with U.S. industry, USASAC provides materiel, training, and other services to help our allies strengthen their defensive capabilities, deter aggression, achieve regional stability and promote democratic values.

USASAC's mission statement is: USASAC leads the AMC Security Assistance Enterprise; develops and manages security assistance programs and foreign military sales cases to build partner capacity, support COCOM engagement strategies and strength U.S. Global partnerships. USASAC's vision statement is: The Premier Security Assistance Enterprise in the Department of Defense. A highly professional, skilled, and values-based workforce that generates trust in advancing U.S. strategic partnerships through exceptional security assistance and FMS programs.

Both USASAC and ACC are subordinate commands of the Army Materiel Command (AMC) and operate in concert with one another to successfully accomplish the FMS mission. USASAC works with ACC contracting organizations to contract for goods and services for its FMS mission. Such good and services include, but are not limited to, aircraft, missiles, tanks, wheeled vehicles, weapons systems, ammunition and training services.

In FY2017 approximately $10.6 billion dollars and 15,000 actions were obligated against FMS acquisitions for our allies and friendly nations. Most ACC acquisition centers and contracting offices have significant involvement with FMS actions. On a wider scale, it is important to note USASAC manages approximately 5,200 FMS cases valued at more than $172 billion USASAC interfaces with 119 Security Cooperation Offices worldwide and encourages strength in cooperation with 153 international partner by providing security assistance and FMS.

While USASAC works closely with allies and friendly nations for the purchase of new military equipment and excess defense articles (EDA), it focuses heavily on sustainment. Sustaining equipment throughout the lifecycle can go on for decades. Therefore, it makes good sense to promote maintenance to keep military platforms operation-al and look toward upgrading existing weapons systems as new technology becomes available to enhance optimum performance.

In summation, USASAC promotes all that is the best in America, the Department of Defense, and the Army. Together USASAC and ACC are making a difference through peaceful means to support allies and friendly nations that will last for many years to come.