(Editor's note: The following article is part of a series of stories and graphics reprinted from TACOM or Army Tank Automotive Center (TACOM's predecessor) newsletters in 1967 in honor of the command's 50th anniversary. The terms "ATAC" and "TACOM" are interchangeable throughout this series. This story ran in the December 1967 issue of "The Detroit Arsenal News.")

Personnel in the Secondary Items Division were honored by a visit from the ATAC Commander, Maj. Gen. Shelton E. Lollis, on 1 December 1967. Gen. Lollis talked to the personnel after an introduction by Mr. Major H. Sullivan, the Director of Materiel.

Gen. Lollis stressed many key points to the managers. One of them was the importance of each employee in the chain of supply. He pointed out the fact that he had been on the receiving end (Viet Nam) and that now he is on the beginning end (Supply). He also pointed out how much the men in Viet Nam depend on each of us for support.

Gen. Lollis assured the managers that he would support them by stressing a good, stable organization, sound personnel practices and sound reporting requirements. He expects employees to support him by reporting to work on time, giving full effort to the job during duty hours, recognizing the part played by each organizational element within TACOM, feeding good data into the machine and becoming completely knowledgeable of the items they manage.

Gen. Lollis asked all of the personnel to work together to help do a good job in supply support. He assured the managers that he would visit the division periodically to personally review supply control studies with the item managers.

Charles Leyshock, Chief of Project Purification, also talked to the managers. He thanked them for having done so well in helping to purify the data going into the machine.

Donald Barton, Chief of Secondary Items Division, suggested that because purification is a Secondary Items Division project, that the division give it a name. It was alter determined that this project should be named PRESTO.