Army Cybersecurity Scorecard Team
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WASHINGTON -- During an award ceremony held at the Pentagon November 30, 2017, the Army's Cybersecurity Scorecard Team was recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Department of Defense Information Technology Environment in leading the Army's implementation of the DoD Cybersecurity Scorecard.

The team made up of Headquarters Department of the Army CIO/G-6, United States Army Cyber Command and United States Army Network Command made a direct impact to improve the Army's Federal Information Systems Management Act compliance and reporting, improve management of Army Program of Record systems and information, improve management of user accounts, and align plans to remove unsupported legacy software.

Team members include Col. Joseph Papenfus, Alva Sanders, Shurman Vines, and Dale Winchell from Army CIO G-6; Col. Jason Henneke, Brenda Crutchfield, Maj. Gamaliel Rosa, and Capt. Robert Steele from Army Cyber; and Loretta Smith, Paul LaDue, and Concepcion Kelley from NETCOM.

"This team's contributions highlight the synergy that occurs when we work together to support cybersecurity," Maj. Gen. John Baker, commanding general, Network Enterprise Technology Command said.

Due to their diligence and hard work, during 2016 the team supported immediate impacts to tracking the Army's cybersecurity posture and enabled consistent and accurate scorecard reporting for all Services and DoD agencies. Members of the team laid out improvement ideas for specific reporting areas and as a result, efforts are underway to synchronize key databases to improve compliance.

The Scorecard team worked with Army leadership to develop a plan to more accurately track programs of record. They also coordinated with DISA to develop contract language to support cloud security requirements for Army application migrations to the commercial cloud computing environment which is being codified in a DOD policy, will save DoD millions of dollars in resources and manpower annually.

"The Army Cybersecurity Scorecard Team had a significant impact on the Army's Cybersecurity posture and the DoD Cybersecurity Campaign," Maj. Gen. Garrett Yee, acting director Cybersecurity Directorate, Army Chief Information Office/G-6 said.

Most of these efforts reduce the Army's surface area for cybersecurity related threats and will save man-hours and reduce funding requirements. The Scorecard Team's outstanding achievements reflect distinct credit upon themselves, the U.S. Army, and the Department of Defense.

"It is very important that the Army keeps a very close watch on all aspects of cybersecurity and how they could impact our mission. This team worked very closely together and with Army leadership to make sure we are taking action to reduce the attack surface and decrease threats to Army systems," Yee added.

The team's achievements led to further efforts that will synchronize key supporting databases to reduce the manpower and resources required to ensure the cybersecurity of Army systems.

"The critical job of keeping us on track with cybersecurity priorities is not an easy one. This team has worked very hard and deserves this recognition for the great work they've been doing to help the Army stay diligent and focused on cybersecurity," explained Mr. Ronald W. Pontius deputy Army Cyber Command.

Cybersecurity is a critical part of safeguarding the Army's warfighting and business operations. It must be an integral part of resourcing decisions, training and operational planning from concept through execution to ensure Army mission success.

The Army Cybersecurity Scorecard Team is leading the way for the Army to be diligent and comprehensive in cybersecurity awareness.