RED CLOUD GARRISON - Celebrations for the Month of the Military Child got underway in the Red Cloud Food Court April 10, when members of Army Community Services staked out a corner filled with information about how to prevent child abuse and other areas of parenting.

"April is Month of the Military Child," said Joann Taalib, ACS family advocacy program specialist. "It is also Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Prevention Month; we have three things wrapped up in one. What we are doing in Area I is getting out where Soldiers, civilians and family members go to let them know we have services and programs to assist Families and especially Families with children."

For those curious about the programs ACS offers regarding family life, they will find brochures and programs they can sign up for at ACS for briefings regarding child abuse and other concerns which can be given to individuals, groups or units, including Civilian units, Taalib said.

"We have a Military and family Life Consultant Program which can provide short term resolution and short term counseling with no documentation required. If someone finds themselves under stress with parenting or adjusting to military life, they can come in and see one of our consultants."

Because the Army wants to make sure the Army families remain healthy, the Army provides programs to prevent incidents such as child abuse and sexual assault which can come about due to the stresses common to military life or unusual stress frequent relocations and other stressors come to bear on the Army family, Taalib explained.

"We want to make sure people know the programs and services are here," she said. "Come and talk to us before things get out of hand."

If someone knows of child abuse being committed they can report to 911 or the military police, Taalib continued.

"If anyone in the Army community has any questions regarding something as simple as how to deal with a new born baby, how to deal with a teenager, or how do I cope with my husband's deployment when I am home with the children; come to ACS family Advocacy and we point you in the right direction," she said.

Pvt. Beth Ipsen found the information as nice and informational.

"There is a lot of information here people can use," said Pfc. Gregory Good. "All any one family needs is here today."