T'was the Night before Christmas in the WCT

Stories of triumph and valor that you must reread.

This year was a busy one what a fabulous thrill

You can find all these stories at wct.army.mil

January gave Soldiers a blueprint for success While February

Showed Yoga moves sure to impress!

We "March"ed our way through the Army Trials grind and

April announced draft picks, the Dallas Cowboy kind.

Taking care of our Soldiers takes quite a team,

Oh it's no fable, it's NOT a dream.

Now STRATCOM, AR and AW2, CER, CLD and the DCS too.

Fulfilling the Army's promise to always care, for Soldiers and families it's our honor to bear.

Telling the stories of where warriors go, their hurdles and victories; everyone wants to know.

So back to the calendar where you can see, this year of progress from the WCT.

"May" we entice you with Inspiration on Ice? Warrior Games in June proved to be more than nice.

A Purple Heart in July for one of our own, in August a Soldier battled a cancer unknown.

September was Invictus Games, unconquered the theme

October Handi-capable following a dream.

Then Warrior Care Month November showed how Soldiers move on

And here's to December reflecting a year that has gone.

The honor's all ours, helping wounded warriors land

Back on their feet from situations unplanned.

You'll hear us all cheering them along the way-

Merry Christmas to all and God bless the USA.

And with that we want to make one last thing clear

Thank you for defending our nation this and every year.