WASHINGTON (Nov. 29, 2017) -- Corrective training is an effective tool all Soldiers can use to correct minor deficiencies during the course of their daily duties. When used correctly and fairly, corrective training allows everyone from the most junior-enlisted Soldier to general officers to help teach their fellow Soldiers "what right looks like" and correct the deficiency. However, company commanders must work to ensure that any corrective training Soldiers perform in their unit is in line with AR 600-20. Improper corrective training targets the Soldier rather than the deficiency or behavior.

One of the most effective administrative corrective measures is extra training or instruction (including on-the-spot correction). For example, if Soldiers appear in an improper uniform, they are required to correct it immediately; if they do not maintain their housing area properly, they must correct the deficiency in a timely manner.

If Soldiers have training deficiencies, they are required to take extra training or instruction in subjects directly related to the shortcoming. The training, instruction, or correction given to a Soldier to correct deficiencies must directly relate to the deficiency. Soldiers can take corrective measures after normal duty hours. Such measures assume the nature of training or instruction, not punishment.

Corrective training should continue only until the Soldier overcomes the training deficiency. Commanders should take care at all levels of command to ensure leaders do not use training and instruction in an oppressive manner to evade the procedural safeguards applying to imposing non-judicial punishment.

Company leaders who encourage or tolerate improper corrective training within their unit are in violation of AR 600-20 and can be subject to allegations of regulatory misconduct or worse. Company commanders should have an active plan to monitor corrective training within their company and make it very clear to both their subordinate leaders and Soldiers that they will not tolerate improper corrective training. Company leaders are encouraged to refer to AR 600-20 or contact their local IG if they have any questions related to the proper use of corrective training.