Fort Huachuca, Arizona -- The acting deputy assistant secretary of the Army for energy and sustainability met with Directorate of Public Works officials and Garrison command staff Nov. 7 to learn about energy savings initiatives here.

J.E. "Jack" Surash had the opportunity to review the installation's energy security plan and learn about the fort's energy partners.

Jack Porter, energy manager, DPW, said "it was a very good visit with the Secretary. We wanted to make sure we showed him our energy security plan and how we plan to move forward to secure mission-critical assets."

Porter said they highlighted some of the programs the fort has with third party partners to ensure "he got a full view of everything we are trying to do on this installation."

Highlights included the energy performance savings contract, the utility energy savings contract and partnerships with local utilities.

It was important Surash understand how Fort Huachuca operates and what it is doing to meet its energy security goals.

Surash said he had seen a number of impressive programs within Fort Huachuca's energy, water and sustainability program.

He also had the opportunity to share some ideas he gathered from other installations for possible consideration at Fort Huachuca.

Surash said the Army will be looking for energy solutions that make sense to the Army and energy solutions that support the Army's mission.

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