Think fire drills are routine, mundane and unnecessary? Think again.

A recent fire drill at the recycling center on post gave employees the knowledge to combat a fire the correct way, Fort Jackson Fire Department officials said.

Assistant Fire Chief Scott Dollman said two workers recently noticed smoke coming from a bailer at the facility and reacted immediately. They used fire extinguishers to put it out and then notified the Directorate of Emergency Services personnel by pulling a fire alarm and calling it in.

Soldiers at the center even moved the materials safely outside the building so when firefighters arrived there was nothing for them to do.

"It is super important that if fires happen to follow the proper procedures," he said. Those procedures include pulling the alarm and calling the situation to 911.

Fort Jackson Fire Department officials chalked the win up to successful fire drills. The incident took place just a few days after the facility held a drill where fire prevention officers came to the facility to show workers what to do in case of emergency.

"All facilities are required to have a fire drill at least annually," said William Sexton, a fire inspector on post. Basic Combat Training units must hold a drill one week after picking up a new cycle, while Child Development Centers must hold one weekly.

To schedule a drill call 751-4142.