Restaurants, cities, and military installations all honor those who have served the nation on Veterans Day. School students honoring their parents could arguably be the most appreciated of all.

On Nov. 9, students from C.C. Pinckney Elementary School held a program to salute veterans for Veterans Day.

Erika Jackson, a teacher at C.C. Pinckney, said "This year we are very fortunate our music teacher has put together a program and practiced the program we are putting on today."

"They are very excited," Jackson said. "Occasions like this have really caused them to very deeply reflect on the mission of their parents and how it relates to them. They really focused on the sacrifices."

The students sang songs and read poems dedicated to their veteran parents in a packed auditorium at the school.

Col. Stephen Elder, Fort Jackson Garrison Commander, lauded the efforts of the participants to create special programs honoring veterans.

"It's fantastic," he said after the program. "We had this one now and another one this morning over at Pierce Terrace (Elementary School). They are just fantastic. It's good to see to see the kids and the parents participation as well as all the hard work and effort of faculty and staff to recognize veterans is simply outstanding."