CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- Last Friday morning, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Ignatowski, Commander, Letterkenny Munitions Center (LEMC) and Ed Averill, Deputy Commander, LEMC, joined approximately 60 residents of Rydal Park, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, for their annual Veterans Day event.

Ignatowski and Averill first attended Rydal Park's Veterans Day breakfast, then gave residents a presentation followed by a question and answer session. They talked to residents, including many veterans, about munitions history and answered questions regarding past, current, and future capabilities.

"What a great way to kick off the Veterans Day weekend! It was our honor to spend the morning with a group of true patriots," said Ignatowski.

Ignatowski began by briefing LEMC's core competencies and capabilities, which include logistics, missile maintenance, and demilitarization operations, to the group. Then, Ignatowski and Averill talked about munitions from World War I to present day. The talk covered various types of munitions and their historical timeline including small arms, artillery, torpedoes, rockets, missiles, and dropped munitions.

"Surprisingly, the group was more current on operations than we expected," said Averill. "It truly made this event engaging for us and the residents of Rydal Park."

LEMC is designated as the Army's Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for Army Tactical Missile System, Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System, and Low Cost Reduced Range Practice Rockets.

LEMC is located on Letterkenny Army Depot and is a Government-Owned, Government-Operated installation. LEMC conducts regional and global distribution of munitions, provides missile maintenance, and conducts demilitarization of munitions for Joint Forces and international partner nations.