ARLINGTON, Va. - Oh the frustration to get things done the way we want. How often have we used the figure of speech "I'm climbing the walls here?" When you're a soldier at the Fort Drum Warrior Transition Battalion you purposely climb walls to get things done. Self- improvement, comradery, teambuilding and perhaps a lesson in confidence boosting.

The 3-85 WTB Fort Drum, N.Y. Adaptive Reconditioning Program Team conducted a therapeutic trip to Pacific Health Club in Syracuse, N. Y. on October 25, 2017.

The Ledge Rock Climbing is 5,000 square feet of indoor climbing featuring 12 auto-belays, a free-standing tower, multiple climbing walls, overhangs, and slabs. No slackers here. Just ask Spc. Shapre Waters, "Oh it's challenging and tough as nails," he said.

There was no challenge in partnering with the health club for this popular activity with our wounded warriors. In fact it's become so popular it's a repeat event multiple times a year.

They have skilled rock climbing experts to assist. There may be a bit of Jillian Michaels in their voices as they encourage recovering service members to push themselves to new heights. Spc. Eric Specht added that it was quite catchy to the soldiers. "We helped push each other and bonded as a group."

Bonding to help in assisting the recovering service members in the six pillars of the transition plan. Yes, rock climbing actually does more than look intimidating. It helps promote an active lifestyle and build confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness through socialization, reconditioning and teamwork.