USAG DAEGU - How does a Soldier, a Military Police Soldier become the MP Noncommissioned officer of the year? It's certainly not without putting in some very long days of hard work and being willing to lay it all out on the line during all the competitions necessary to be won before earning oneself a spot in the ultimate annual MP Competitive Challenge, the 'Warfighter.'That's exactly what Sgt. Kenwyn H. Peters did to earn a spot in this year's Warfighter competition held at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri from September 16 to 19. Peters is currently assigned as a military police noncommissioned officer and squad leader with the 188th MP Company, 94th MP Battalion, Camp Humphreys, Pyongtaek, Korea, and he is originally from Neptune, New Jersey.Peters has been in the Army since 2013. He has been married for three years and has a 2-year old daughter, Kyla. He joined the Army to follow in his step father's footsteps as well as those of all his male family members whom have also previously served in the various branches of the U.S. military.Having competed in many similar competitions in the past, Peters went into this year's battalion quarterly MP competition and board, with the goal of winning it and thereby earning the right to move on to the big show, and that's exactly what he did. Said quarterly competition took place earlier in June of this year at Camp Humphreys."I wanted to compete in the Warfighter competition because I wanted to win," said Peters. "It was a challenging competition because of the fact that we didn't know what the exact event that was coming at us next was, and that made it a mental challenge as-well.""Everybody competing in the Warfighter was really good and because of that, the competition was very challenging. Not knowing how you were doing from event to event was a little nerve wrecking because even going into the final day and leading up to the announcement of the winner, none of us competing really knew for sure who had won."Then it came, the announcement, Peters had won the 2017 Warfighter MP competition, in the NCO bracket."I think that the reason I won was because I was better prepared physically and mentally. I've had very good leadership in my time in the Army, in both my past assignments and in my current one.""At my last assignment with the 511th MP Company, 91st MP Battalion, Fort Drum, New York, I had a team leader, Sgt. Sonny Duprey. He inspired and motivated me, and that motivation fueled all this will to compete and win. He was a role model to me, one whom I'd like to emulate; the whole unit was like that."During the Warfighter competition, participants were challenged in various events such as a shotgun marksmanship qualification, a Chemical Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives competition, a timed three-mile run with protective mask, day and night land navigation obstacle course, setting up of a man-pack radio and making a nine-line Medical Evacuation call, assembling and disassembling a .50-caliver Browning machine gun as well as an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon along with performing functions checks of both weapons.Additionally, the competitors had to take six or seven different written test that had questions ranging from general Army knowledge to specific MP knowledge skills sets."This competition helped me identify my weak points, which I plan to work on so I can get better, not just as a future competitor but overall, as a Soldier.""I would like to thank my current unit leadership for giving me the opportunity to compete and succeed as a member of the 188 MP Company. and the 94th MP Battalion., which will not only help me in my future assignments but also as a Soldier.""I plan on participating in future competitions of this type. I do it because I like to improve myself and to set the example for my junior Soldiers.""I still have some energy left in the tank, might as-well keep using it."