America's veterans are the cornerstone of our democracy and guarantors of our freedom. From the first battles of the Revolution to our current fights abroad, selfless men and women have answered the call to service and pursued the greater good for all. Whether you have served or are currently serving, this is your day and we honor your sacrifice. Thank you.

This holiday weekend, private motor vehicle travel will be the deadliest hazard most Soldiers face. Indiscipline in PMVs, both conventional vehicles and motorcycles, is an enduring challenge for leaders and Soldiers alike. Speeding, failure to wear seat belts or personal protective equipment, and drinking and driving all are bad decisions that never have to happen. Don't rely on luck to get you through -- take control and mitigate risk along the way by making smart choices.

Our Army is our nation's past, present and future. Thank you again for what you do every day, and we wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday.

Readiness Through Safety!